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Laboratory of Applied Biophotonics (LAB) is a multidisciplinary research team focused on the development of optical imaging methods for application in biology and medicine. Our research is aimed at a wide variety of problems/scales from single cells to tissues and organs.   We excel in optics, electronics and data processing. We develop our solutions starting from theoretical considerations through careful design and optimization to construction of fully functional prototypes. We field test our prototypes in cooperation with biologists and medical doctors, and we have a long experience in transferring our technology to business. 

Imaging technologies: 
  • Optical Coherence Tomography (spectral domain, swept source, full-field) 
  • Optical Coherence Velocimetry 
  • Optical Coherence Angiography 
  • Optical Coherence Microscopy 
  • Optical Coherence Spectroscopy 
  • Scanning Laser Ophthalmoscopy 
  • Eye tracking (retinal and iris) 
  • Fluorescence Microscopy 
  • Holography 
  • Retinal and corneal OCT. 
  • Functional imaging of retina (angiography, Doppler)
  • Imaging eye pathologies with OCT
  • Speckle free coherent imaging 
  • Functional imaging of rodent brains during ischemic stroke and during recovery
  • Dye free imaging of cellular dynamics over long periods of time (up to days)
  • Ultrafast retinal eye tracking for image stabilization in OCT and other retinal imaging and stimulation
  • Ultrafast retinal eye tracking for research in human visual or neurological impairments
  • Label-free molecular sensing 
  • Bioimaging with nanoparticles based contrasting agents